• rayna

what to do

In Wales

trigger warning - pretty dark

One evening I walked down the road over the rocks and stood with my arms open humbled in front of the crashing waves. I felt so lost but so connected. Nothing from the physical world made sense and every path I walked or hand I shook felt so empty.

I cried. I cried and I kept asking ‘What do I do from here?’ And that moment my soul wanted to walk my physical body into the sea forever. The only place I felt I belonged was in nature. The blue sky the waves the sound of the wind. I didn’t ever want to be anywhere else.

I fell in love

With the serenity

I fell in love

With the freedom of the waves to rise and crash at their own pace however hastily or peacefully as they wished.

But instead I sat there and I sat until the sea covered my legs

and I walked back over the rocks

I sat and wrote this poem

and I felt the happiest I had ever felt.

I felt free

Because when I was deciding what to do my body/physical self was reminded my soul

of how beautiful experiences are. How lucky I am to be able to experience nature in the way we do - touch, sight, sounds, taste. I don’t think stars can hear the waves crashing

So that was the moment I decided to never take this experience for granted. I want to experience every touch taste person and place as I can. And then if i do become a star in the sky

at least i’ll have something to look back on

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