Along the tracks

Updated: Feb 28

Our choices are our train tracks. We choose which ones to take. My favourite train journey is from Liverpool Lime St to Colywn Bay. An old train that crosses borders and delights you with a sea view half the way there. I’ve chosen that track so many times.

But for now my choices have led me right back to where the train was built. It seems the train I’m travelling in isn’t ready for the calm, natural world that track offers me. The hill walking, birds talking, seagulls sqwarking above the slow and steady flow of the beautiful water. Water that I so wished I could become a part of forever.

The train’s at a halt.

I’m working on the exterior; What works, what doesn’t. I’m choosing my passengers; Who’s with me who’s not. I’m rebuilding this train so it’s my train. So I know how it runs. what drains the energy what boosts the speed. You see over Time so many people influenced the build, the materials, the outer layers and even the inner layers but now I’ve drawn the blue print. Now I get to choose where we’re going and how we’ll get there.

one day we’ll be off again. Ready to Discover a new track as beautiful as the one to Colwyn Bay. I’ll find somewhere else, that accepts me as I am, when I have nothing to share but myself, and my poor curious mind.

My choices have led me to some of the worst Experiences, predicaments and some stories I can’t even write because I refuse to identify with them so much. but they have shown me where certain tracks lead. And now I know my way better than I ever have before.

i am forever grateful to those who built the tracks before me and those creating new tracks , new opportunities for choices.

You choose

When you want to get off and

you choose

what to do when you reach your destination

my job is just to make sure you get there

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