When I stayed in the country for a while, it was a ritual of mine to visit the water everyday and share my thoughts with her. I would sit and watch as she carried them away with her, how peacefully she flowed with what I felt was the weight of the world. Too heavy to carry myself, she remained calm and unphased and away they went. I still see water everyday, and for that I am grateful. However now I don’t even bother to share my thoughts. As the water of the canal is still, and dirty. Just like everything in this city seems repetitive, I don’t want to visit the Same thoughts everyday.

I miss the fast flowing rivers, the changing tides and the serene streams ever flowing. The flooded fields on a rainy day and the vast lakes. But there is stability in the stillness. There is substance and depth. There is still beauty in what may be mistaken as mundane.

Along the canal is a community. The Neighbouring barges have created a beautiful space and some days I smell their fire, hear them talking, see them sat under their gazebo, sharing their thoughts with one another.

what may seem repetitive is reality. We have to face it. The journey along the canal may seem so long, the narrow path stays straight, but you can’t see the end. How far do you have to keep walking until you reach where you want to be?

It depends where you want to be. How far do you want to go? The longest walks lead to the most beautiful places. It is easy to forget where you’re going, there are so many distractions along the way, but sometimes there isn’t. Sometimes you have to put up with the same dirty water for what seems like miles and miles, but these are paths we have to walk. Paths where we can take time to appreciate things beyond what’s in front of us.

So instead I give my thoughts space to breathe. Space to expand. I don’t wish for them to wash away with the water, instead I grasp them with trust that they will lead me somewhere great; help me on my journey. I don’t know how long I have to walk for, but for now I’m just grateful I can walk.

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