• rayna

Everyone forgives, but who really forgets?

Your actions create an experience. People are experiencing you when they interact or even

think of you

It is up to you to give the best possible experience that you can

And when you don't, that experience becomes a perspective of you, a truth and sometimes

a burden.

It tends to swing back round and knock you on your knees when you're looking the other way. You choose the next move

How long will you surrender to pain and stay on your knees before you get back up and carry on your day?

Most of the time people forgive you it is not because you have managed to persuade them to do so or excused yourself, rather it is in their best interest. We only have two hands why waste them on holding grudges?

And though even carrying the memory (hence not forgetting) may seem like an unnecessary weight, how can we learn, gain knowledge and ultimately prevent something we don't remember?

Lead With Love if you wanna Leave With Love

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