This is me and my friend Maja putting the world to right in her KA. About a month after this conversation we ran away and camped out in her car for a month before volunteering in a hostel for a few months. Unfortunately it's a big challenge living without money.

Though the deal seemed reasonable to begin with - 30 hrs work for free accommodation and food, it turned out that was 10 hour shifts on Friday and Saturday, meaning on Sunday we all just wanted to sleep and the final 10 hours were spread amongst the week making it difficult to negotiate plans.

We definitely didn't have worries about money, or stresses about conforming to unrealistic principles, we could use any room in the hotel and there were no rules other than not taking tequila out of the stock room after finishing a bottle of gin :/

Due to money not having value in the exchange, our time was used as currency. Still trying to find the balance between the two 

Talking lockdown shmockdown, energy balls and living free