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Virgo Moon 2020

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

The negative implications of phrases coming from the pandemic 'social distancing' 'isolation'. Certainly, we should not be promoting social distancing but physical distancing. Socialising does not just refer to physical interaction with others. We are not Our Body. Bringing attention to who we really are means reiterating the inability for a doctor to be able to find, dissect, or 'fix' your spirit.

Socialising (for me) is much deeper than a handshake but it is the connection you feel in the presence of others. We should not be distancing these connections.

The immense amount of love and compassion I have already felt through people's words to me, probably due to my peculiarity of openness to what others would perceive as weakness has if anything, made me feel connected to people I would have dismissed otherwise. Using these words, 'Isolation'


These are not positive for our spirits. I have spent the past month absorbing myself into trying to uncover the truth, not so much uncover but understand. I have my conclusions here however trying to put what makes sense to me into text is proving difficult. I have spent a lot of time distracted by this so I think the new moon has come at an impeccable time. Now is when I focus all that energy and time into eliminating my ego. The new moon, for me, means the subconscious opportunity to recentre how we spend our time.

When things revert back to what we perceive as normality and we start taking a lot of valuable items for granted again - which is inevitable by the way, we really all need to reflect on who were when our normal, capitalist world crumbled because mother fucking nature herself decided to take back control for a bit.

The positivity everyone is radiating is hitting me in the face like really really bright beams of sunshine. It is so beautiful but so sad to think of the likelihood of losing this again - especially after seeing how fragile the system we rely on is. What really matters right now? Do you want the pandemic to end to save lives or so you can go back to work? Go on a night out? Do you really want life to go back to the way it was? These are the questions I ask myself when staying at home gets tough. It's time to let go of our egos, now more than ever

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