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Things to Remember

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

- at some point every man made object that exists was just an idea in someone's head. The table you sit at, the shape of the room you're in or the colours of your top. Everything was a thought. But whoever thought it has created something so beautiful and that's what thoughts are for. Act on them. If we were all too lazy or too frightened to act on our thoughts nobody would have a chair to sit on. This is manifestation - the cross between thinking and creating.

You have to listen to your thoughts. They're so precious. Every single one. When I'm content in my environment, no matter where that is or who is with me, I'll drift into my own little world. Daydreams. Daydreaming about if the moment I'm in right now was written about in a book, where would the writer find the beauty?

It could be the way the rocks on a wall rely on each other so comfortably to stay standing or how the sun shines through my glass of Sauvignon Blanc so graciously leaving a rainbow on the table it sits upon.

You can spend life worrying about anything and everything but what's the fucking point? There is beauty everywhere.

- Remember to smile. You glow more when you're smiling than you do any other time. Keep smiling. Smile at the sun. Smile at the rain. Smile at the old woman walking her dog. Just keep smiling

- Don't feel bad for having bad days. Things can be heavy sometimes and there isn't always a brighter side. But time keeps ticking and new experiences are there to be made. Staying in bed crying won't help with that. When something bad comes along, do something spontaneous; book a holiday, go to a theme park. Release your fustration with things through adrenaline or fear. These methods are followed by accomplishment. But keep fear little. It shouldn't be used an excuse but felt as an emotion.

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