• rayna

the seasons

energy flows through me

like water down a stream




It’s really quite serene.

when the energy within you

begins to weigh you down

Grab the remote and press pause on life

And take a look around;

Beauty can be found in all

And so can peace and love There’s beauty in the leaves that fall

And those that hang above.

Seasons come and go

But forever they will stay

There’s beauty in all four of them

Don’t wish one way

there’s beauty in the winter winds

cold as they may be

out of human hands

the snow falls peacefully,

as spring approaches flowers bloom

the colours make us smile

sunshine streaming

flowers dreaming

brightness for a while.

summer comes, the birds return

the skies are full of song

people smiling

ice-cream vans chiming

but the sunshine won’t last long

there’s beauty in the Autumn

as the leaves turn colours of warm

thank your blessings for the rain that falls

rainbows come after the storm

Press pause on life and look around

What colours do you see?

Does the brightness make your soul smile

Or dullness bring misery?

The world exists within you

You are in control.

Use your power wisely

And watch the happiness roll

Where’s your energy going?

Is it on life itself?

The trees breathing

The sun gleaming

Or are you chasing wealth?

When everything around you falls

Look at what remains

The ground below you holds your weight

Divinity does the same

Protect your peace and harmony

Your energy is yours

Don’t invest in Vampires

Sadness or in Wars


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