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Soul Movie explained

Perched on a beanbag in my sister's room watching the Pixar movie 'soul' I thought 'this is the most beautifully intelligent little movie I've ever seen' and so I want to over-analyse it like all other things or moments that are really beautiful to me.

If you haven't watched the movie I suggest you will struggle to follow. It's on Disney+ just search


I grabbed my notebook when the nice, warm woman Jerry asks 'What you think you're just born with them?' in reference to personalities and my curious mind wanted to work out the answer before carrying on the film. My conclusion was the simple reminder that a lot of what we think we want and material obsession is not all there is to you. We can use material items to help us create and expand or we can lose ourselves in them, and surrender expansion for comfort.

And some might argue, but what is wrong with comfort? You see comfort is temporary as it is an opposite. To truly feel comfort is to have experienced discomfort, unless we are just talking of physical comfort and in that case it is temporary too.

I think what we are looking for is peace. This is also symbolised through the 'Quiet Hyena' clip in the film.

When I think of myself I think of a bunch of floating atoms in space that are reacting to their surroundings. That's my basic understanding of genetics and neuroscience. So I really love how in Soul Joe is like a little spark. Particularly I love how they float off and create a great big mass of atoms a new star in the sky. Perhaps our purpose is to shine.

These complex ideas are even mimicked as at one point, Jerry says something along the lines of being total harmonious communication between all dimensions and then says, 'But you can call me Jerry.' A witty reference to how far our understanding of' 'God' goes on Earth.

When you meet Soul 22 (cute name by the way) she says she just 'floats in mist. do my Sudoku puzzles.' And I thought - why Sudoku puzzles? Recently I have been deepening my understanding of numerology, communicating via new energies all around us if we just tune in. But we are so in tune with artificial intelligence rather than nature, sequences, the great beyond.

Joe's able to look back on his life as the mentor. Holograms of all his deepest moments floating about in Space. This is exactly what is happening with 'the cloud'. When someone dies, you can see exactly what they said, exactly what they looked like etc. all stored online. Knowledge is no longer being passed down to us by biased sources but by each unique individuals. This is the world big tech have created.

What you must remember is to see through the holograms. The illusions. You can stand and watch them forever and achieve what? You could understand them, or use them to understand the bigger picture and ultimately expand.

Just a simple shout out to the quote 'You can't crush a soul here that's what Earth is for', what a harsh pessimistic truth but we love to see it.

I was trying to see who the most desirable character would be to switch lives with and I think it's just anyone in the zone. The zone is reached through passion, peace, just being in the moment. I think what is happening on the planet with the age of aquarius and the great conjunction on December 21st along with some similarities in the Great Reset is that so many of us are now raising those high vibrations and being in the zone spreading such a powerful good vibration we are learning to communicate whilst we are in the zone. We're learning to create a new world where we are all in the zone and we bloody love it.

In the same screen you have the Lost Souls and see they are in the same area as those in the zone. I suppose the difference is that the power lies within. I recently listened to 'The Magic of Believing' by Claude M. Bristol which gives a message of if you truly believe you can do something - you can do it. Even in Soul, before leaving the hospital room as a cat Joe says to himself 'I'm a cat. I can make this' and these affirmations somehow make it realistic and unsurprising that he makes it so why do we tell ourselves we can't?

Another cool quote (I thought) was when Joe says 'how did you know that?' and soul 22 says 'it's all in this brain of yours.' A nice reminder that what we know is not who we are. Who we are is how we feel about what we know and expansion is having the power to act on those feelings.

Astrology is used to access the different dimensions and if you tune into astrologers right now they have everything pretty spot on. Now this part may be a push but hear me out

All these Jerry's to me are operating a sort of Great Beyond Elites club and they try to rig destiny. As there is a line in the film saying 'You can go back to where your soul belongs' this idea of you belonging somewhere, and is that not destiny? Anyway, they use their power and privacy. Funnily enough one of them shapeshifts trying to interfere with poor humble Joe just chasing his dream. Even one of the elites ask Joe, 'how did you do it?' How did he break free of their system? Create his own purpose breaking free of their numbers game. Our freedom is something the greater powers can't even take from us. The key is living in harmony with all energies, all life, even the cat down the road.

'You can't eat dreams for breakfast Joey'

'Well then I don't wanna eat!'

I love this. If we can't feed our souls than why bother feeding this temporary physical body. Perhaps you don't believe in an afterlife and that's ok I don't know if I do either but it seems obvious to find true happiness you have to look within. And to look within is to explore the soul. I think when you truly know yourself is when you start living freely.

I also listen to my mantras in the morning before breakfast whilst maintaining a theta state which is when our subconscious thoughts are becoming more conscious as we move into our physical reality. So feed your soul before yourself might not be bad advice

Soul leaves the message of finding purpose and passion in everything. I guess your spark isn't your purpose you are the spark. My interpretation is that 22's purpose would be the beginning of Joe's dream. You see you have to shift your association of purpose being the end goal and rather the goal of a beginning. Ultimately through courage, belief and his head held high Joe's dream did come true, so overall a pretty good film x

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