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Que Sera, Sera

this started as a to do list as i want photos closer to home to add to my blog however unsurprisingly turned into a reflection piece and a dream journal for my lifelong dream to open my own commune

Sunday Brainstorm 220820

What I need to do (in order)

  1. list all the titles of my posts and a column beside it for main theme and another saying photo ideas

  2. for 2nd column - read through each post. What is the main word to sum it up? The colour it creates in your head or the main topic. My paralysis dream would be a blue and black caterpillar but a rant on social media could be a broken phone. Or push it. It could be a photo of you stood on top of a mountain eagerly holding your phone in the air to get a good signal. Create a story through capturing each photo. An experience. Create endless interpretations through every accomplishment. (like the bible)

  3. Make your experiences mean something to everyone. The stories you tell are an instrument of education for those who have not traveled your path yet.

That's what it’s all about. That’s my hopes and dreams. A lifestyle where you are surrounded by people who want to help each other on a new path and there are so many ways to do it:

Its undoubtable that humans have created so much money due to greed that it has become invaluable. Look at Bill Gates and Co. It’s unnatural. We will never be satisfied with the amount we hold. So why base you’re life off something that will never be enough? We should go back to giving things with meaning value; experiences, food, water. We have the tools to literally make water now. We won’t run out if we stop using it for the wrong things. Stop using it for the weird sadistic factory farms or for profit and start using it as a means to live. A self sufficient community.

This is only attainable if everyone involved holds the exact same principles, thoughts, ideas and priorities as me. So it would only work if I was the only member.

At least that’s what I thought.

Monday Brainstorm 230820

Thats what i thought last night. Tonight I think it’ll work. Tonight I was shown warmth and encouragement from my new family. It’s funny. Over the past couple of months I have met so many beautiful people in so many different places, but I’ve never felt so connected than i do in this present moment as I sit on this wooden, 70s style sofa of my friends flat. My feet resting comfortably on the wooden table next to a rustled penguin wrapper. I’m home.

How do a group of penguins make a decision?

Flipper coin ;)

Ive never been somewhere and not felt the need to get on a train to another place because there’s still something missing. It’s surprisingly hard to come to terms with the fact you really don’t get much better than this.

But these are the people who would make a commune work. I picture us in tipis in the forest surrounded by big trees and endless adventures. Not letting go of memories of a life before; talking about how we all got where we are now. How I got shifted out my house in Liverpool by 6 pigs while taking a naked nap or how my friend couch surfed her way through San Pedro back to Wales. The way we live now isn’t not much different to that vision really besides the tipis.

Que sera, sera. Let me know what you can bring to the commune 🧚🏽‍♀️

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