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Pisces Moon 2021

New Beginnings

When everything’s gone dark

You feel like you have been buried

You have not been buried

You have been planted

In order for change to happen around you in the outer environment, it must first happen within you.

All of our senses are outbound. Receiving and reacting to our surroundings. That reaction takes place within you.


Sunlight reflects upon whatever our focus may be on and inside our minds we create the image that appears before us.

I really don’t think we give ourselves enough credit.

We are receivers. Our environment shapes us because we don’t stop for even a minute to evaluate what we are receiving and how we can turn that into something much greater.

A Smile Goes A Long Way

What you put out into the world comes back to you as long as your intentions come from a frequency of love and gratitude.

Once you turn your focus within rather than just operating as a reaction to your outer world things get a lot more peaceful.

The problem is we no longer see peace as the goal but rather ecstasy, ease and comfort. Duality encourages us to get as far away from the ‘bad’ side as we can. Ultimately this leads to a completely unbalanced energy field given out into the universe.

Power to the People

Humanity is searching for solutions to create balance, peace and unity however we are looking for solutions in systems which are man made. And the problem is man. We are trying to compromise with resources in the outer world without realising everything means something different to everyone. The solutions start within man, rather than outside of that. The first sense ‘I am.’ This is what we need to explore

Pisces energy encourages creativity, mysticism and reconnecting with mother nature

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