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Libra Full Supermoon 2021

When two mirrors face each other with an object in the middle and you look either side there seems to be a never ending corridor of mirrors. Have you ever stood in a changing room with mirrors opposite each other?

What if that is a physical representation of the universe. The infinite reflections of that object. Mirrors are caused by light and what does light do when it has half the chance? it travels as far as it can. we can see stars that died long ago. infinity is something we will never be able to understand, because it is not an experience, it just is.




do it again but this time notice the pause between the inhale and exhale.

focus on holding your breath.

do you feel the peace?

do you feel the stillness?

that’s you.

and we still wonder where we fit into this infinity but what we miss is that the infinity is within us. what is around us takes place within us. we are made up of atoms reacting to each other and somewhere in that reaction is consciousness. consciousness is ever expanding. human consciousness is a dimension just like one of those reflections of the object. and we can’t reach beyond that.

to see all is to exist dead centre of the universe. to be ever expansive is to be 360 degrees or as we understand it in the 3D world a sphere. there is no beginning or end. but to see totally is to be centred. the centre of the sphere. looking up down and all around at what surrounds you. to be balanced. to be between the opposites. to be.

it’s just a rhythm do what you want with it

like a glass hitting a concrete floor some atoms we bump into aren’t meant to meet each other.

but when your head bops along to a rhythm it’s like giving a good friend a hug. warmth, joy, a perfect meeting of two. balance.

to live without imagination is to survive. simply reacting rather than experiencing. Some people live to 90 years old but have never had the experience of life. Of balance. At no point do their atoms bump into another creating a beautiful synchronicity reminding you of what life is. putting your roots back into the ground.

like some fish are born into a life in a fish bowl whilst others are destined to explore the whole ocean.


Synchronisations take place when you are operating in the same frequency as someone.

What happens when atoms react?

They vibrate

And when you’re vibrating on the same frequency as someone you’re in the same place on the same wave. You’re on the same level.

And when you are surrounded by people who are in the sam place as you, no matter what place that may be, you’ll see how things seem to happen miraculously. Coincidences, finishing each others sentences. Everything is connected.

Notice what brings you up, and what brings you down. And then start noticing what brings you back to you.

And then you have your answers.

Then we have to dig deeper, because often people have a misunderstanding of what ‘you’ is. Consciousness is ever expanding and therefore it is easy to get lost in the expression of consciousness. The clothes we wear or the posts we share. Everything is an expression of oneself.

Think of it like trying to complete a jigsaw puzzle without looking at the picture for 20,30 years. Sometimes we have to take a step back from the piles of pieces and look at the bigger picture. And the bigger picture IS life.

We get so caught up looking through the pieces we forget to even put them together.

Take a step back.

Take a deep breathe.


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