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Leo Moon 2020

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

My anticipation for the imminent Virgo moon approaching has encouraged reflections on what the Leo moon gifted me in regards to my personal journey of self awareness and discovery.

Self discovery is a delicate path as I've ascertained many aspects of myself I dislike, but holding the ability to overcome the initial setback of this has enabled me to better myself which ultimately betters those around me. I wish more people I cross paths with would give themselves a chance to look at life as blissfully as myself.

Lessons I learnt in this moon cycle:

'Out of Sight, Out of Mind' and 'Absence makes the heart grow fonder' are both undeniably factual.

Upon first experiencing 'Out of Sight, Out of Mind' I began feeling frivolous, however coming to terms with this meant clarifying that connections I felt were strong (and I mean souls intertwined by the universe connections, sixth sense - finish your sentences types of connections) were just made up as a result of my lust for love and loathe of loneliness. You begin to notice that a lot of people you meet are aligned with the place you met them. When you leave that place, you leave those people and now that place and those people are in the past. They helped you grow, but avoid nostalgia.

'Absence makes the heart grow fonder' was a beautiful realisation. The majority of my Leo moon was spent surrounded by masculine energy, and my crave for the fragile femininity we try so hard to distinguish led me back to my soul sister. Our stars are solemnly aligned and I finally understand the importance of keeping real connections as close to you as you can, no matter where you are. The difference between the two phrases is that you leave those relating to the first in the past, but those in the second remain in the past, present and future.

  • Disconnect from what you know

  • Disconnection can be dangerous

  • Digital detoxes should be a desideratum by everyone

Life isn't easy, and it isn't long. Life isn't fair. People who die get more flowers than those alive because regret is stronger than gratitude. Buy someone flowers. Be grateful for the life around us - the trees, the bugs, the birds, the bees the rain the laughs. I appreciate criticism and I'm thankful for my ignorance toward it. When you come to terms with the universe gaining a soul you can only wish to stumble upon again, you come to terms with disconnection. A day hasn't passed in this leo moon where I haven't questioned why we have to lose the most precious people we meet, but seeing this from a positive point of view has helped me see so much more.

My path comes across chaotic to those with routine, and I have a tendency to self-destruct when my thoughts come in too fast, but chaos doesn't exist. It is a word created to describe the energy we feel when things aren't going as expected. Stop expecting. When you begin accepting everything that happens to you happens because it is meant to, you defeat Chaos.

I've a long way to go on my 'journey of self-discovery', but being a Virgo Moon myself I can't help but eagerly anticipate what this cycle will bring me.

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