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Partygoers claim they didn’t know of pandemic as they ‘don’t watch the news’

According to this article in the metro some students said they didn’t know about the pandemic because they don’t watch the news and that smells like abundance and high vibrations to me.

To vibrate on the frequency of love to is to break free of the limitations of fear. This loophole of lockdowns seemingly not working and even with the vaccinations restrictions are as strong as ever, you need to remember covid19 is nothing we can’t handle. Have you had it? Do we have healthcare to save lives?

Don’t get stuck in the loophole of fear; for you are here to create a life of prosperity and abundance. If you are looking around you and you are vibrating on their frequency of fear then what's going on? My time holds value even in terms of money and I am surrounded by smiles.

Here's a challenge I want you to try (why not? what else is going on..)

every morning look into the mirror deeply into your eyes and say

'Am I keeping it real for myself?'

and remember -

the eyes are the key to your soul.

Take 3 deep breaths

And watch your lips move as you say

'I am who I actually am'

The second part of the challenge is instead of facebook put your head in a book. Turn off the news. Learn to wake up without your phone to

drink water

listen to music or a book

treat your body to some food because you want to not because you are hungry

get moving

And start creating abundance. You can inspire others to start vibrating on this frequency simply by raising those vibrations. Develop an interest in the true power of cause and effect whilst remembering everything you do has cause. I am doing everything with the intention of the greater good. One page will not define how the chapter plays out.

You see, they can take your business, your pubs or your barbers but they can't take away your time or the people around you as long as you vibrate with love.

infact these things are far more powerful than those in power. and those things are truly ours.




So show them gratitude through human interaction reconnect with life around you because technology cannot feel and that is the difference in our powers.

What if they shut down social media for 10 days? Because they could. Would you feel lonely, even in a world of 7,8 billion people. ?

See the matrix is the physical world but it is time to reestablish your beautiful connection with Mother Nature, and you might feel restricted to just your local park but that's okay because

you are exactly where you are meant to be to get where you are going.

So you have to focus on where you are. Not where you've been. And how can you use where you are? All that surrounds you, to get to where you want to be. What once was is now an illusion in your mind it is no longer part of our surroundings and therefore no part of manifestation.

Manifestation is the process of thought into action, dreams into reality. And to create is to use energy, time, all that surrounds us and that is abundance.

So remember to breathe,

you are life

life is yours

breathe in courage,

breathe out anxiety

imagine as you breathe in your chest filling with a glowing light flowing and shining and as you breathe out the glow is pushing away darkness, negative thoughts, like a grey cloud as you exhale and inhale more glow.

Use technology, don't be used by it. Reconnect with people and nature and yourself. This is a beautiful time to be alive x

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