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Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Tonight the moon sits in the Aquarius sign which is a sign I feel most connected to. The need for emotional freedom is always relevant at this point, however now more than ever. Reflecting on the current state of the entire world, I can't help but question what on earth is going on. One thing I have been thinking about is that we are being presented with two choices - evolve or repeat. I'm choosing to evolve.

Whilst others have decided to accept isolation and the inability to hug our friends or have a cold cider in a beer garden as a 'temporary new normal', I, amongst others have used it as a chance to clarify myself that the systems we rely on so much are all made up. Economics, countries, hierarchies in business are all made up. I have been falling deeply in love with Russell Brand who speaks about this a lot, see video below for a better explanation

Despite this, I know that in order to get where I really desire I have to conform to the purposeless expectations of exuberating passion for my job, and I can eventually stop working for 'the man' and start working to help others. The world is so peculiar and it is so hard not to be angered by the society we live in, however, in this time of 'lockdown' I feel I have clarified that it is definitely possible to reach any personal goal I have because the system and the hierarchies, businesses with lots of money or little, are all in the same place right now. So, whilst I try not to climb the walls I have been developing my business plan and bingeing on Russell Brand, here is another one on the current affairs

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