Hiding Behind a Mask

How many people can confidently say to themselves that the person they are on the inside, is the same person they portray to the world? I know I can't admit it...

Masks, identities, disguises, everywhere you look people are wearing a different mask every day - trying to squeeze into their environment, so they can feel like they belong,

A lot of people put themselves in groups of people where their souls don't align. They're the core of identity and they may fool a lot of people, but not everyone.

When did we stop wanting to turn up as our true authentic selves to just please the world and fit in? The biggest is question is why do we all do that?

Fear is the answer, we all have fear in us some way or another. We are all so scared to show up as who we really are, as we've conditioned ourselves to believe that we have to dim ourselves to fit into the world. Darkness, nobody feels confident enough anymore to just be them.

Everyone is scurrying around like soulless zombies trying to replicate their environment so they can blend in rather than feeling abandoned and lonely,

That is what it stems down to, we've all let the world brainwash us to the point we don't know who we really are, we just have an idea of the way we should act. People have become robots instead of individual unique humans. We all dress, talk, act in the same way.

We all copy our friends or the media to help us decide who we are when really the only way to discover who you are is to go inwards.

Sit alone, with yourself, and in the midst of stillness, you will start to learn what you really stand for. Everyone is so confident with wearing these false identities because being unique, and bold, you seem to get deemed 'weird', 'cocky', and 'strange'. All the words are just a way to dim your vibration, so people can never reach their full potential. This leaves them feeling depressed, anxious, because no matter how many masks they wear they will never feel happy until the day they throw away their masks and show their faces. Scars and all.

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