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Feeling Grateful

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

The biggest blessing I have is my connections with the beautiful people I hold dear to me. Since exploring my consciousness I have shared experiences and love with amiable souls and i am bursting with gratitude when i remember the gentle nurturing and generous lessons they have taught me.

I am able to hold my head high with pride in the person they have allowed me to become. I am able to slip into nostalgia and smile at my old traits of naivity and my poor narrow mind. I am able to miss those far away, not with sadness. Instead the longing for their presence reminds me of the connection I have with them, and it reminds me how lucky I am.

You and I are on our own journeys, and the journey of those close to you runs parallel to your own. I am me and they are them just as you are you. You cannot change them or control them, you can only inspire and encourage them. You must remember that we all have our incredibly individual journey and the bonds we create are based on shared visions and positive vibrations.

Recently I have been speaking with a monk named Master Dao who has guided me through disturbingly dark thoughts that have been scaring me. Dao translates to ‘go with the flow’ and Master Dao has been teaching me the art of going with the flow with empathy for others. I live in my own bubble and while doing so my consideration for others has deteriorated. I have been so caught up in my own development that I have not been putting as much energy as I should into those who helped build me to this point. He is showing me how to value myself totally whilst avoiding selfishness, consequently my brain has been rewired and I have the sudden urge to love everyone who has brought me positivity with my whole heart and soul. I am overflowing with appreciation.

He told me that my soul sings a little bit too loudly for some and so they will try to break me. He also told me ‘fuck them.’

Here is a snippet of some of the words from master Dao. He is a good guide for me and everyone deserves a reminder of the delights we share our planet with.

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