• rayna

don’t forget the stars

But I could still at times feel your presence. The warmth i felt in the company of your spirit was something more profound then a one off in the moment type thing; it was something with meaning and something that, under the right circumstance, i can find my way back to.

A sense of awe toward your fearless freedom of expression. It’s the little things like I remember one day you wore

zebra print block heels and

your pink pixi cut hair

to our 9-5 job

and that fearlessness is what makes us glow brighter. so without it things did, initially seem a little darker. the path wasn’t so lit up there is the feeling of something


Then you remember the stars are still there in the day, we just can’t see them because other things seem to burn brighter and bigger. But when the hustle and the chaos of the day comes to an end and it is just you in the quiet of the night, look up and the stars are there, still shining, just as they always will.

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