Updated: Jun 7

Merrily merrily merrily merrily

Gently down the stream

Are we living consciously

Or trapped inside a dream?

Once a flower caught my eye

I watched it grow in real time

I'd had some mushroom tea, you see

The flower was divine.

I peered into the petal

Water flowing through the veins

I saw each tiny molecule

It really was quite strange.

The flower was as complex

As a human body itself

Soil, water, sunlight, care

Define the flower's wealth

People get caught in the concept of life

What really does it mean?

But the web of meaning isn't important

Life is but a dream.

Soil, water, sunlight, care

We all need dirt to grow,

The dirt you try to push away

Is responsible for you, you know

I've got a life inside me,

His name is George, he's cool

He's swimming about and eating my food

I'm all inclusive with a private pool

Life is everywhere we are

Within us and beyond

It's the answer to all your questions

There is no right from wrong

There's only so much I can say about life, you just have to go live it ~
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