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Count me out of Capitalism

An attempt to watch David Attenborough's new documentary 'A life on our Planet' has left me with many clarifications toward my inability to live in peace in a Capitalist Society. When I say Capitalist Society I reference the significance of money in so many people's lives, despite the continuous divide it causes, the insignificance of your bank statement when you are dead or the never-ending longing for more. I reference measuring success in annual turn over despite the destruction these successes are causing to other forms of life - half of fertile land belongs to farming. Of the birds left in the world, 70% are poultry chickens. And of the mammals left in the world (besides humans) 60% are livestock, 36% are pigs and a mere 4% are wild. We hold this illusion of an infinite wilderness that is untouched and today that simply isn't the truth. We call it OUR planet because humans have taken control in every sense of the world despite a sincere lack of understanding of its mysteries.

At the beginning of this year I decided that the majority of my energy would go into myself. I started valuing my energy and time in the same way we value money in our bank account. I now question if something is worth my time or energy before impulsively giving without gaining. I decided that this year I would get to know myself more, and upon doing this I have restructured my priorities, values and purpose.

I expected from this 'journey of self discovery' to perhaps discover some new characteristics or improve existing ones. I hoped to let go of any past experiences that may be preventing progression. However during my journey I have found myself in countless rabbit holes trying to figure out the 'why' which has led me to determine my true meaning of 'self'. YourSELF. The essence of YOU. And what I have come to terms with, is that when we are stripped of social conditionings, labels, habits, indocrination, that what we truly are is consciousness. This is obvious though, right? All you have to do is think any thought to know you are conscious. What I don't understand is why this isn't enough. We have this instrument (our body) that we can use to experience life. To swim in water, to feel butterflies when we find someone who vibrates on our frequency, to move, to dance, to make a difference. We can sit for a day in the same spot and the sky will change from blue to black, the clouds become stars glowing. The sun shines and the wind blows. And we can be a witness to all of this.

But instead we dedicate our happiness and fulfilment to ensuring we are making enough money through our 9-5 jobs to support our children, who are taught to do the same in order to support their children. And those children may never witness an elephant in real life because of a man-made, corporate-orientated climate change that literally causes the extinction of entire species.

Toward the end of the documentary, David says 'we reached this point because of intelligence but now we need more than intelligence, we need wisdom. We need to live with our planet.' or something along those lines. And here we have humans actively creating a completely new form of intelligence through AI. AI is developing so quickly to the point where our phones now act as an extension of our brain. Where most of us have an Alexa in our homes, a piece of technology so intelligent we call it a she and (sometimes) it actually understands what you are saying and reacts on this in a way humans are incapable of. We are teaching technology to communicate with us. To expand our own intelligence; to store facts (google), memories (photos), data (watch 'The Social Dilemma ' to define data). And it is these technology companies that have total control over the economy. It is these companies that thrive off human wants and needs. Take Neurolink for instance, a company developing a microchip which will interfere with neurons communicating in your brain to combat side effects of Amnesia or Alzheimer's. At some point we will all want or "need" something like this if we continue to live so long.

With these companies controlling economics, a concept so absurd and hurtful to many (for instance those entire populations dying of starvation so countries like the UK can flourish) , the ability to prioritise living harmoniously with the Earth is second to none.

This is probably the main reason I have decided that to be truly happy and free of impacting this in any way I must leave the capitalist society. It is because of this, my main priorities lie in the people who bring good energy into my bubble. Life is finite. We are dying until we are dead. Time is merely a concept and can't even keep its consistency on this tiny planet, so why do we measure so much against it? Be present. Live now.

Currently I am preparing to leave England and live freely amongst a group of like minded individuals who dedicate their lives to humanitarian actions, to living happily, away from capitalism, away from the pressure of society. A group of people who realise what you give is what you get, so when you devote yourself to radiating positive energy in your surroundings or your people, and you give respect to the universe through accepting and trusting it (going with the flow, trusting the divine) what you get is this overwhelming sense of belonging that you will struggle to find in your nice car or big office.

I have only experienced this feeling once, in Wales. I was feeling very very lost and I walked to the sea and I contemplated walking straight into it and never walking out. Just keep going. And I contemplated this a lot in Wales for some reason, and I always did so in silence, but meditation always saved me. When you breathe in and your body fills with the air we are constantly surrounded by, you breathe out and that air naturally flows out and continues its journey in the atmosphere. It is as if your brain is turned off, the moment before the reaction or the consequences, just the moment. That meditative state, that awareness, truly is the essence of being alive. And what you do with that is entirely up to you. As when you see yourself as simply consciousness, you can no longer out yourself in a pedestal to judge anyone else's choices. Rather you can try to understand them and wonder how to live in peace and harmony with such opposing values and priorities.

Don't forget to breathe. Here is a meditation to allow yourself to be present, and if you don't have 'time' to meditate than there's your first fuck up x

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