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Lunar Eclipse Taurus 2021 - Finding Light in Darkness

This weekend was the almost total lunar eclipse in Taurus. I haven't reflected on life for a while, probably for the best. When I read my old blog posts I can't believe my brain came up with some of it. Bonkers but beautiful. Writing is something I always want to come back to, as if it exists in a certain place and time, but it exists wherever I am, and wherever you are too.

I've been busy procrastinating. Procrastinating about how annoying and limiting the human measurement of time is. When doing anything, you could say it's 'time spent on' something. But 'time spent on' something suggests that

a.) we only have a certain amount of time and

b.)time can be spent off.

But time is infinite and you can't press pause on life. , it is not 5 o'clock or Monday - it is now. And you can go round and round as much as you want, but you'll only ever be brought back to now .

We are not under time and space. We are infinite. I like being in the presence of people who remind you of that. People with more presence than time in that particular moment.

You turn the kettle on to boil water and when it's boiled it just turns itself off. Job done. I think that's life, but we all have a different job to do and once you've done yours you pop your clog.

'We're all just walking each other home' - Ram Dass

Your job is not your means of making money. Christ came as a carpenter. We get so caught up in the role we play in society, whether it's scanning someone's shopping all day or directing a business, but our role is so much more. It's like when you receive a pension society makes this weird deal where, hey you work for us and help us out in our marketplace for 50 years, and we'll give you a few years to just do whatever it is you were meaning to do for the past 50 years, and a bus pass.

Screw your bus pass. I'm trying to play them at their own game but they're pretty good

Our job is so much more. It is so deep, meaningful and premeditated you wouldn't believe. And all we have to do is be. Be love, be compassion and be you. Without measuring the highs and the lows or one year from the next. Be the tiny speck of dust you are just floating by, beside the moon and the stars. See past the world in front of us and instead embrace the infinity that is beyond us. And then remember you are part of that infinity because you are here, now. When we talk about space we are talking about something that is here right now, and though it may be clouded by the earth's crazy optical illusions and reflections, when we refer to Space we refer to you and I, the moon the stars. Because we all exist in Space, right now.

We are all just walking each other home, where ever that may be.

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