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2020 🧚🏼‍♀️

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

Reflecting on last year has made me realise its the end of an era. I have experienced a huge shift over the past couple of days and have been in a constant state of meditation since. Beginning to get into my old habit of embracing every moment so much and finding something everywhere that could be written about in great, passionate detail. This is my best technique for being present.

My intentions at the beginning of the year was to sync my entire being to that of the moon cycles. Kind of seeing the moon as that cartoon picture of it smiling down with happy stars around it.

i felt like the star. My own little bundle of atoms floating around in space. Because that is what we are. Only our atoms are much more evolved than those that make the stars in the sky. Whilst they create great light, we create life. Conscious being wasted with polarity and ego. Perhaps it is time we got our shine back?

After last year I have hopes for everyone I have met that we all grew phenomenal amounts. It is time to dig deep and stop living in the shadows. Be free and start living the life instead of getting stuck by habits and guess what? ego.

There is a moon known as the flower moon and it happens in may when the flowers begin to bloom and the streets get brighter and daffodils line the road. This is my favourite moon. A physical representation of growth which is something that also takes place in terms of our life. How are we measuring success?

The biggest realisation in 2020 (for me) was how we are one and this means we have complete control over the way in which the water flows and the flowers grow. Little perception changes like

  • We do not care about saving the planet due to feeling connected to nature. The majority is from the ego fearing the enevitable extinction of humans if we continue to destroy the planet. The planet will be fine. It is us who need to worry.

We need to start reconnecting with nature and putting our ego to the side. Understanding the size of the cosmos and the much much bigger picture.

To reclaim our space in the sky 🧚🏼‍♀️

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